Jewelry Info + Care

Our jewelry are thoughtfully sourced both locally in the U.S and internationally. Please read our "cultural appreciation" segment for more information. 

Jewelry 101: MOST jewelry eventually tarnishes to some degree – fine jewelry or in our case, fashion. FASHION jewelry also known as costume jewelry includes stimulated stones, brass metals, base metal alloys, copper, textiles, leather, and plated metals.  We want our Empresses to preserve their jewelry as long as possible and have created a care list. Use with discretion and at own risk.

Jewelry Care Tips:

  1. Avoid sleeping, swimming, showering in jewelry
  2. Avoid extreme sweating or high temperature 
  3. Avoid extreme humidity and chemicals
  4. Use a wipe cloth
  5. Store your product separately in a sealed box or sealed bag to avoid oxidation

 For Brass pieces : 

  • Use lemon and baking soda Lemon is a natural acid, and rubbing a half-cut lemon on jewelry can hasten the process of cleaning. You can put the silver jewelry in a cup of lemonade with some salt for a night. Lemon works especially well on silver.
  • You could juice a lemon on a small plate, and then rub this juice over the jewelry that you intend to clean, and then use a rough cloth (or scotch bright) to rub vigorously against the jewelry.

 DISCLAIMER: We kindly ask that you pay attention to the material of the jewelry you are purchasing from us to ensure you are not allergic to any metals. Most of our pieces are handmade, some are manufactured, and may come in contact with other materials.  In the case of an allergic reaction, discard. Empressive Finds will not be responsible for any allergic reactions and by purchasing you absolve us of any responsibility.