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Be Beautiful, Be Timeless.

About Us

Empressive Finds features hand sewn wraps and regal curated jewelry. A fusion of cultures, we draw our inspiration from the continent of Africa (Fulani, Afar), Caribbean Rastafarian culture ( Boboshanti), and India (Dravidians).

Mama Africa Gold Jhumka Kasha Tear Hutu

Beyond precision


Beautiful, masterful design never goes out of fashion. Bright and shiny jewelry made just for you.

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Blue Metallic Queen Amanirenas Queen Nzinga Empress Zewditu Queen Sarraounia

Be precious. Be you.

Head Wraps

Add some vibrant and flair to your look with the best hand-sewn head wrap for you from our collection of Base, Metallic, and Standard Waps.

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The beautiful shiny gold packaging & the glorious scent wafting off the fabric like the smell of a bakery at 5am, could only mean that they were imported from Wakanda!

Meeka Monet

I loved purchasing from Empressive Finds! You can tell time is taken not only by how accessories and wraps are displayed, but also when you receive your package.

Dayanara Joseph

I loved every piece I bought for my birthday. Ally sent me a beautiful card & her warm words really added to my purchase experience. Thank you so much!

Bolaji Ajike

I’ve ordered several pieces from Empressive Finds and I’ve yet to be disappointed. The pieces are beautiful and exquisite! I love love love all my pieces! I get so many compliments every time.

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