About Us

As a highly imaginative little girl growing up in the West Indies, creator, Alli, infectiously known as Empress Ak truly lived like a princess. Her precocious nature was warmly encouraged, so her creative expressions often included outfits, heels, jewelry, and even makeup. However, upon migrating to America, a new phase emerged along with the culture shock: loss of confidence/self-esteem, people pleasing, and a complete disinterest in her once-beloved creativity. Thankfully, this hiatus would prove to be short-lived. Through personal development and a series of life experiences, Alli was able to reconnect with her precious childhood essence and tap in to the bold, fearless, and creative energy of her younger self. This paradigm-shifting moment is what led to the birth of Empressive Finds. Alli and her cofounder sought to encourage black women to “Be Empressive” by tapping into their regal energy, while bridging culture with style and femininity. This approach also employs methods for internal and external results: handwritten affirmations for personal development/shadow work are provided when requested.  Alli also guides her clients with personal styling sessions, as she helps them curate their look with Empressive Finds’ distinct adornments. While this approach undoubtedly sparks inspiration, the goal is to ultimately inspire self-reflection and growth. After all, why blend in when you can “Be Empressive?”