About Us

Empressive Finds features hand sewn wraps and costume jewelry. Afro-Asiac inspired, we draw inspiration from the continent of Africa its myriad of ethnic groups (i.e., Fulani, Afar), Caribbean rastafarian culture (i.e,, Boboshanti), and India (i.e., Dravidians).

Appreciation vs Appropriation

Appropriation involves members from a hegemonic oppressor class, redfining, discrediting, and reclaiming items of an oppressed group. Appreciation on the contrary involves members of an outside group showing homage without compromising the integrity of said culture (i.e., Asian artists adopting hip hop/rap). We strive for appreciation for individual cultures and the amalgamation (mixture) of cultures. This is reflected in our diverse workers, models, and the “origin” note found on select jewelry pieces.

Where are pieces from?

Jewlery and fabrics are curated from African and Indian sources. Both sources produce products from both cultures (i.e., Indian source sells exclusively African pieces and vice versa).